I’m back…kinda…


Miniature Garden

I’m sorry for disappearing all of a sudden even so I still had some blog posts planned and all for December. Since I was more busy than expected with RL (and playing games) in January/February/March I didn’t have any motivation for writing blog posts and didn’t even use my PC at all (not even for reading Visual Novels) ahaha…

I’ll be back from hiatus soon starting with an ending guide for the Visual Novel Miniature Garden (coming out March 30 on Steam!) and an overall update to my blog. I already replied to most of the comments I got while I was away.

Anyway, just wanted to say that I’m still alive!




It’s been a while since a light novel managed to make me forget everything else around me while reading. Normally I’d just read a chapter if I feel like it, sometimes putting the book aside for days or even weeks, but with Occultic;Nine I really wanted to know what happens next and the ending left me longing for more! The English release of the second volume will probably not happen before February or March, though.

I’m not watching the currently airing anime adaption and don’t plan on doing so (for now) because the summary of the first two episodes plus the overall reaction scared me off. How the hell do you even fit a whole light novel into ONE episode!? Seems like it’s going back a little in the second episode, basically turning the order of events around but it still sounds like pacing issues, rushing through and making things more confusing. That means, there aren’t any comparison in this post, only some talk about the first light novel.

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Not sure where the time went but it’s already December again, which means 2017’s getting closer and closer. The only thing I was good at this year’s being lazy but that’s nothing new ahaha. Well, I don’t have anything more to talk about so have a new Today’s Loot instead!

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Where to buy (digital version): DLsite, Melonbooks
Trial version: Freem
Official Site: Alice in Dreamworld

Developer: ふしぎの国ねこ横町さん番地
Genre: Visual Novel, Fantasy
System: PC

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Where to buy: Steam, Playism
Guide: Steam
Official Site: Alicemare

Developer: △○□× (Miwashiba)
Genre: Adventure, Horror
System: PC

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Monthly Update #1


It’s probably a good time to start one of those things where I talk a little about this blog and what I’ve planned for the next month.

Before I do that, I want to thank all the awesome people out there who decided to use my walkthroughs/guides or share the links on other sites! My blog recently reached a new daily view record, beating the record from November of last year. I’m aware that my blog only gained a popularity boost because of my guides, with far less views on my other posts but it’s okay because I’m still somewhere at the starting point regarding English reviews and stuff. Not much has happened since last year and I even went on hiatus for a while.

I also want to say thanks to the wonderful girls and guys who are following my blog and/or liking my posts. Of course, I’m also happy about most comments (except the spam ones haha), be it a simple thank you, a questions about a guide or someone pointing out a mistake I’ve made. I know that my English isn’t the best and there are probably tons of mistakes in the texts I write but I won’t give up and hope that filling this blog with new content will help me with improving my English AND Japanese skills.

Enough about that. Let’s start with the Monthly Update!

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First of all, reaching all endings in Steins;Gate 0’s far easier than in Steins;Gate because you only have to pay attention to some phone calls. There are two main routes and six endings altogether and it’s possible to see everything in a single playthrough (including unlocking the platinum trophy). This walkthrough contains an ending overview and a 100% playthrough.

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