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Akiba’s Beat’s a JRPG for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita developed by Acquire and localized by XSEED (NA) / PQube (EU). It’s part of the Akiba’s series but has nothing to do with the prequel (or the anime) other than taking place in Akihabara and dealing with otaku culture. For more information about the game or to buy the EU-version visit this site: Rice Digital

This is a trophy guide, explaining what you have to do in order to unlock every trophy. I won’t write a complete walkthrough but if you have any questions about the game I’ll try my best to answer them.

There’s more than one difficulty level but it doesn’t affect trophies. You can play through the game on Easy and still get everything.

It’s possible to collect all trophies in one playthrough. There aren’t any missable trophies.

It takes around 60-80 hours to unlock the platinum trophy (depending on which difficulty level you play on)

Some tips:

Always stock up on Parfum and Escape Keys because you will need them A LOT. You can buy them at any item shop (except vending machines).

Sometimes the game forces you to play as other characters than Asahi so it’s better to try out different characters and get used to them.

If you obtain ingots, sell them. There’s no reason in collecting them and you can only carry 20 of them with you.

Since I saw people asking about it on other sites: In Chapter 13, when the game tells you to look for Mizuki, you find him at the end of the Hideout Delusionscape.

Update October 06, 2017: Apparently you don’t have to beat the game in order to get access to Mikè’s sub event and the bonus dungeon. I deleted the parts in questions. Thanks for pointing it out, Matthew!



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